What Is The Difference Between “Smart” Electronic Locks On The Front Door?

Surely everyone thought about how in our turbulent time not to become a victim of thieves. Installing a solid metal door will not protect against burglary if you do not pay close attention to the choice of a lock that gives stability to the entire structure. If the mechanism is old enough, then the probability of opening it is one hundred percent, because the thieves have thoroughly studied all known models.

Modern technologies offer the most advanced security systems. Locks are stuffed with electronics, which is difficult to break. The opening will take much more time than a standard mechanical device. The electronic smart lock may not be visible on the front door. To hack, an attacker will have to use special equipment to detect the structure. After all, the device can be placed absolutely in any part of the door.

In the event of an emergency, such as a fire, doors with electronic locks will open for subsequent exploitation of people. And the opposite effect will be during the alarm, it will be impossible to get out of the office.

Types of locks that differ in the principle of operation


Keeps the door locked by the force of an electromagnet mounted on the jamb. A metal plate is mounted in the doorway for contact with it. With the help of a code or a key reader, the magnet stops working for a short period of time, opening access to the room. In the absence of electricity, the entrance will be free. An additional power supply will help to avoid an unforeseen situation.


It can be opened with a mechanical key and electronic. This security device is similar to a classic padlock, but has a magnetic lock in the deadbolt. A special electric motor locks the door, and even if there is no power, the door will not open. There is a keyhole that can attract a thief.

Such models, consisting of several mechanisms, are particularly reliable:

  • Electric lock controlled by a control system.
  • Special key reader.
  • Standard mechanical lock.

The use of magnetic and mechanical devices in the electronic lock mechanism makes it possible to distinguish the following types of structures.

Electromagnetic with card

So far, this is the most popular device that works on the same principle as an intercom. The metal door is opened by applying a card to a special reader. Such a lock significantly reduces the likelihood of unauthorized people getting into protected sensitive facilities, into an office or hotel. If the card is in memory, the door opens, if it is not available, it is impossible to enter.

The structure can be equipped with a special monitoring sensor that allows you to determine the exact time of arrival or departure from the building. So, the management monitors the discipline of employees. Each card stores information about how many times the door was opened and even about attempts to break in, about a thousand events are remembered.

The magnetic card, which acts as a key to various rooms, allows you to open only permitted doors. For example, in a secure facility, each employee may have a different access level.

The disadvantages of such electronic locks are the possibility of forging a card by fraudsters who intercept signals to a special scanner, and the need to use a door closer. The metal plate and the magnet must be in close contact with each other. The closer will help close the door smoothly, without the slightest gap missing.

The method of fastening electromagnetic locks is different:

  • Mortise built into metal doors. The device is located inside the door leaf, and a keyhole remains on its surface. Mortise are considered the most resistant to burglary.
  • Overheads are installed most often in a wooden doorway. From the inside, the room is locked not with a key, but with a rotary mechanism. Specialists install additional resistance at two different points to increase protection. Overhead locks are visible on the door, and do not always look aesthetically pleasing.

If the room is equipped with two doors, then the inner one is equipped with overhead, and the outer one with mortise locks.


The device will open the door only if the correct code is entered. This is the most common option used at the entrance to the entrance. It is also used in manufacturing facilities. Includes a panel for dialing the code and a locking device.

There are no rubbing parts in the combination lock, the case is made of durable vandal-resistant materials, the number of options for six buttons exceeds billions of combinations. It is recommended to change the code once a quarter for the safety of residents or employees. Sometimes they try to find the right combination using the worn buttons. But the number of attempts to enter the code is limited, so if you enter the code incorrectly, the lock is blocked.


The most popular type of two-level protection mechanism. A set of a plastic card and a standard key is very reliable. There are two types of combined mechanism:

  • Independent – the door is closed either with one lock at the request of the owner or with two at once
  • Dependent – one system blocks another, that is, security is achieved by the relationship of each element. If it is impossible to open one mechanism, all subsequent links are also invulnerable to opening.

Manufacturers produce mechanisms with one or two keyholes that do not allow hacking with master keys and mechanically. And the dependent type of device, in which the systems are blocked in case of damage, does not allow you to open the door. The massive body resists the impact of force.

The complex lock mechanism, which is an advantage when trying to break in, becomes a big drawback in the event of a malfunction. You have to change the whole device.


To choose the right smart locks, it is important to learn about the differences first and then make a smart choice as per your need.

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