How Businesses Can Retain Customers: The Best Tools For Your Company

Attracting new customers is important. But if sales are coming in but there is no profit, it may be that the cost of attracting customers is higher than the income from them. In this case, it’s better to change your strategy and start retaining old customers because they cost the business less. Here’s how to retain customers to earn more. Kapiche offers a robust tool for dissecting customer insights, which can significantly enhance your retention initiatives. Visit this page to explore the potential of this remarkable tool for capturing and maintaining customer attention.

Who Works With Clients in the Company

If your answer is “the sales department”, you are certainly right, but it’s only one of the gears of a huge mechanism.

Apart from the sales department, almost everyone has direct or indirect contact with customers:

  • Marketing. Meets the customer with advertising, helps ignite interest and creates the right impression.
  • Sales department. Prepares a commercial offer according to the client’s needs and accompanies him at all stages.
  • Production department. Produces goods for customers as requested by the sales department.
  • Warehouse. If it’s a commodity, warehouse employees form and pack the order.
  • Logistics. The logistician develops a route to get the order to the customer faster. The route is then given to the driver who makes the delivery.
  • Customer support. If a customer has a problem with a product or a question about delivery time, a manager communicates with the consumer and helps resolve the issue.

This means that when you decide to get serious about customer retention, it’s important to impact the entire company, not just the sales or marketing department.

Ways to Retain Customers

Retaining customers will help the quality work of all employees of the company from production workers to the courier who makes deliveries. But don’t limit yourself to this — there are many cool tools that will help further increase customer loyalty.

Communication Through Content

  • Email newsletters. It allows you to remind about the company’s services, encourage inactive users to buy and focus their attention on exclusive offers.
  • Social media. Provide direct contact with the customer. Social networks are a way to always be in touch, because people go there more often than to mail.  
  • Corporate blog. You will be able to answer questions from your audience with articles and publications, thus demonstrating expertise. It’s also a great way to attract new customers from search engines.  

Loyalty Programs

  • Special offers. These are benefits that a customer receives when making a purchase. For example, when ordering three cold rolls, a pizza as a gift. Such a reception will increase customer loyalty and promote the range of goods.     
  • Promotions. Give a 25% discount on every third order or organize a sale in honor of Black Friday. Or if you have an online business, like a casino, you can offer not just a Money Train demo game but also free slots for this slot. Just don’t be too careful with promotions — sometimes they can be harmful.
  • Giveaways. Put samples of your other products in the order, give the customer a social media audit or add a couple of cupcakes to the cake. + 100 points to loyalty is ensured!


  • Support chat. Prompt response to feedback increases customer loyalty to the brand, people see that their opinion is important and are more willing to apply for a product or service again.
  • Reviews. Monitor all reviews of your products on various resources. Thank customers for positive reviews and work with negative ones. It’s an indicator of your interest in feedback. By promptly addressing the problem in a negative comment, you will rise not only in the eyes of the particular consumer but also in the eyes of those who read it.   
  • Surveys. Get your customers’ opinions on your product through social media surveys or phone surveys. Loyalty levels will increase if you show people that their opinion matters, because they will feel involved in the improvements.  


  • Checklists. Free training materials show your expertise, demonstrate that you care about the customer, help familiarize them with the company’s products and teach them how to use them. For example, a free skincare checklist to help you identify your skin type and choose the right products.
  • Video tutorials. A clothing store can release a series of “Clothes for Different Body Types” videos with a selection of capsules that will emphasize the advantages of each figure. A coffee shop can publish a video on the difference in roasting coffee beans. Absolutely for every business you can find a topic that will interest your customers and attract new ones.
  • Knowledge bases. For example, for a month in the chat support contacted 100 customers who don’t understand how to properly use your service. You can record detailed instructions with comments, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Motivation. Motivate employees to be attentive to consumer concerns, because polite and friendly communication disposes people and has a positive impact on returns.
  • Personal Assistant. Develop a virtual assistant inside your app who will supervise and educate users.
  • Data systematization
  • Introducing a CRM system. It will help collect important data about customers to congratulate them on holidays, give discounts or form other unique offers. Caring and paying attention to the customer increases their loyalty and trust in the brand.
  • Personalization. Personalization of the database allows you to address the customer in a targeted manner. This is a good way to show respect to your consumers and send an offer that is relevant to them.  


Old customers are more profitable than new ones, because you don’t need to spend a lot of money and effort to win their attention.

Not only the sales department, but almost the whole company works on customer retention. Therefore, each employee should be interested in quality work with customers.

You can retain customers with additional tools, for example: communication through content, loyalty programs, feedback monitoring and training materials.

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